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healthy skin at every age

A pro-active approach, whether you’re 13 or 60, is how healthy skin remains beautiful skin. Follow these tips from Annet King, Director of Global Education at Dermalogica.

skin in its 20s:

skin in its 30s

skin in its 40s

skin in its 50s

It’s time to strengthen, energize and replenish! Menopause may start up in your 50s, triggering a 30% reduction in collagen and a dramatic increase in dryness and dehydration. Deep wrinkles, age spots and sensitivity are prominent. It’s time to strengthen, energize and replenish!

daily routine

  • Exfoliate and energize with MultiVitamin Thermafoliant®, our warming polisher that releases vitamins and peptides into the skin.
  • Follow with super-nourishing vitamin therapy from MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque, often times referred to an ambulance in a tube!
  • Reduce any skin sensitivity, heat and flare-ups with Ultracalming™ Serum Concentrate.
  • Replenish lipids and renew skin at night with Overnight Repair Serum.

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